Who She is


ARISARA, a Grammy winning songwriter, has celebrated placements like, Greyhounds (De La Soul), Better Together (Ziggy Marley) and Something Beautiful (Tori Kelly). ARISARA, aka Jeanette Steiner, hails from Orange, Texas, the deep south. Pronounced /ah-ree sah-rah/, her artistic brand is a name of Thai origin and describes one that is tenacious and unstoppable. Her unorthodox life and extensive, immersive time travelling abroad has only elevated this hippie-gypsy, soul-sister’s ability to understand and relate to all kinds of people. Her writing elicits a graceful perspective and inspires compassion for the human experience. Her lyrics express a variety of contemplations on the ever-marvelous concept of love, a portion of which she shares in her latest album release, With Love with new indie label, Flagships Artists.

ARISARA has been compared to artists like Florence and The Machine, Fiona Apple, Norah Jones, & Amy Winehouse. Prior to her career in music, she lived in Italy studying Italian literature, art & architecture. She also, taught one year of English in Thailand before earning her certification in Thai Massage and had starred in multiple Hollywood feature films while building a massage therapy business (ARISARA).